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My third issue of DD, still working as the fill-in artist. Al Williamson inked
my run on that book, which was my first big break in this business in 1990. I
had been working for five years, but everything was below the radar until DD.

I learned a lot about acting working on this book. Daredevil provided tremendous
opportunities for pathos and mood. For this reason, Matt Murdock was as much
fun to draw out of costume as in it. Although it was not until several years
later that I made a commitment to Jesus Christ in my own life, I still
appreciated the allusions to his faith; another aspect that drew me to him.

Axel Alonso edited this book, and I was thrilled to work with him and writer
Bruce Jones on this very, very good story. As a team, we won a Haxtur Award
for best story arc that year (2002?). As much fun as I have drawing some of
the Super guys, I really enjoy the challenge of regular guy scenes that present
acting challenges.

This was the first time I did an entire job as breakdowns, I think.
The DESTROYER character is Remo Williams, played by Fred Ward in the movie
with Joel Grey as Chun, his Korean master. I had just moved with my wife to
Pennsylvania from New Jersey while drawing this issue. This scene takes place
inside a house that looks strangely similar to the one we had just moved into.
It eventually got blown up (in the story, that is).
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