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The above three scans are courtesy of John Higashi from his collection.

above scan courtesy of Daniel Maull

The printed color version

Lone Wolf and Cub
scan courtesy of Luis Acevedo

Wagner: I was one of the cover artists on the American versions
of Lone Wolf & Cub, both its limited run at First Comics and then
its completed editions released thru Dark Horse. I was both
thrilled and honored to be asked to contribute to these projects
as I feel LW&C stands as one the world's true masterpieces of
comic book art. Even more stunning is the fact that this enoumous
epic, nearly 9000 pages of material, is the consistent work of the
same two creators. When I'm at comic conventions, I'm more than
happy to offer free doodles to anyone who asks. These requests
can go from the famous and familiar (Grendel, Batman, Mage) to the
rare and ridiculous (a bagel, a Smurf, a block of cheese). It was
nice to have this fan ask for an image with which I'm not AS
associated as my usual cast of suspects.

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