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John Totleben, another former Joe Kubert School student,
is best known for his beautifully intricate, award winning
linework on DC's Swamp Thing. I'm glad to showcase this
wonderful art which just didn't fit into the magazine.

In 1998 sometime, I got a call from Axel Alonso
asking if I might be interested in doing
something for the Strange Adventures mini-series
he was editing. I told him I'd think about it.
A few days later, I met Mark Schultz at a
convention in Cleveland, and asked him if he
might like to write up something we could work
on together for the book. He came up with
"Metal Fatigue", and I finally got a chance to
draw a cool robot story!

When Brian Michael Bendis asked me about doing an issue of Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, I was more interested in who the villain
might be. Even before settling on Man-Thing as the tag-team partner for Spidey, I made sure Brian knew that I was really,
REALLY interested in getting the Lizard into this story. I did numerous prelim sketches of the Man-Thing and the Lizard, many
of which were used in the finished art.

Sometimes I come up with cover ideas
in sketchbooks amidst a bunch of other
nonsensical doodlings. This particular
sketch was used straight from the
sketchbook -- I enlarged it to fit
the proportional size of the canvas panel,
did a quick and rough graphite paper
transfer, and started painting.

Contrary to what some people may think,
this cover was not colored directly from
the pencils. I did a full-blown detailed
ink job on this piece that was completely
buried under overdone digital coloring.
I was not happy about it, to say the least.

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