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Edgar Tadeo broke into the comic business when he submitted artwork in 1996 to Whilce Portacio, and he began assisting Gerry Alanguilan inking over Roy Allan Martinez's pencils on Grifter #10. Edgar coloured titles such as Iron Man, Captain America, Cable, Silver Surfer, and Wolverine. Eight years later, he started going back to inking work and is now pursuing pencilling.

Edgar Tadeo: Just like my other commissions I always draw a prelim sketch. If it's going to be a painting, I always do pencil shading that I'm going to use as a guide.

Edgar Tadeo: Since this painting is not so big, I directly drew the character on the watercolour paper. I did some changes on the face, made her face look softer by reducing the corners on the jaw and chin.

Edgar Tadeo: I didn't render everything in grey and blacks on her skin. I want her to have warm natural skin. When I'm done with the skin, I start with the hair and blacks on the bracelets and chest plate.

Edgar Tadeo: This painting has no background at all, so it's all right to render everything else plain with highlights to at least give it shapes; like on her boots. What I like about this piece are the reflections from her red outfit and the chest plate.

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