Paul Smith

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Paul's self-portrait cover for Comics Jam War copyright 2006
Paul Smith started his career in animation working with Ralph Bakshi on The Lord of the Rings and American Pop before moving on to Marvel in the early 1980's, drawing Dr. Strange and then following Dave Cockrum's long tenure on Uncanny X-Men, which he left after a few months. But he made a lasting impression on his fans. My favorite work by Paul was the Harvey and Eisner Award winning Leave It To Chance, a fun comic for younger readers.

Paul Smith: From Nexus. Not sure why John Nyberg inked this.
I was probably out playing Easy Rider, turning in pages along the way.

Bob McLeod: A 1995 drawing of Green lantern. Paul's not really known as an inker,
but his inking is as clean as his pencils.

1999 Hawkman family character studies.


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