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Always a challenge to co-ordinate scenes with multiple characters.
Everybody has something to say and something to do at the exact same
time as everyone else. Just keeping the action clear is a job. This page
had eight characters in an escalating crisis leading to the introduction
of a ninth, off-panel, at the bottom of the page. I mourn the passing of
hand lettering. Galen Showman's lettering on this page is peerless.

This page, though it comes about 90 pages into The Ring of the Nibelung,
is the first one I drew. I like to try something difficult for the first
drawing of a project, something I can feel happy with that will set a
standard for the rest of the project. Siegmund's entrance into Hunding's
hut, a single set that had to work almost three-dimensionally for the
next 30 pages was just such a panel. I filled pages in my sketchbook,
working out the design and floor plan before attempting the final drawing.
The page also had to accomodate Sieglinde's entrance into the story.

The original layout for this 5 page Daredevil story shows a full-figure silhouette in panel one. My editor felt we needed to see him
facing the viewer. I took it a step farther and used a massive closeup instead. I'm glad I took her advice. It works better that way.

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