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Andrew Robinson was a new name to me, but I really love his work!
He's a fantastic painter, as well as a fine penciler and inker.
I was very impressed by his pencil work shown here, and I know you
will be, too! And I hear he's a Mort Drucker fan, which gives him
a gold star in my book!

Top left:
This is my rough for the cover to Dusty Star #2.
I knew I wanted to keep the same layout as the
cover for #1. It was just a matter of figuring
out what imagery would go in what panel. I like
this design because it acts like a sequential
trailer for the book. It sort of tells a mini
story but still leaves the viewer with lots of
questions. I decided to ink this rough because
the pencils had just become too messy. Which
shows that this one didn’t come easy.

Top right:
Here are the pencils for a Dusty Star print. For
this design I studied the Blue Note jazz album
covers. They are all collected in a book which can
be found in most book stores in the music section,
though it should be in the art section under graphic design.

Bottom left:
This is a layout for the cover to Dusty #2.
This one was just to help me explore other
options without turning my other design into
even more of a mess.

The finished painting from the rough shown in Rough Stuff #4.

To see more of Andrew's pencils, roughs, and break downs visit HYPERLINK ""
and get the Androx sketchbook.

To see the complete feature on Andrew Robinson's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff#4 from TwoMorrows!

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