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Sandy Plunkett started his career the same time I did. In fact, we were roommates for awhile. He was always too much of a perfectionist to grind out a monthly series, so he's bounced around quite a bit, doing some writing for Marvel and illustrating several projects outside of comics. He's one of those artists you just see occasionally and he always leaves you wanting more.

Sandy Plunkett: Tales of Old Fennario- Splash page to a story I've included in an anthology put together as a graphic novel ("Dr. Faust's Compendium of Risible Tales".) It's in search of a publisher (hint, hint.)

Sandy Plunkett: Duende: Cover for a limited (10 copies- what was I thinking!) issue sketchbook that I produced of my drawings, largely as a way to teach myself how to do that sort of thing on a computer. A lot of work, but I'm proud of the result. (Duende, by the way, is a Spanish word notoriously hard to translate but, if I've got it right, denotes the realm of consciousness somewhere between the fairy world and the darker aspects of our dreams.)
Sandy Plunkett: Scarlet Witch-
Done first in black and white
for a collector, I later
decided to give it some color.
I love the simplicity of her costume.

Sandy Plunkett: These are Al Williamson sketches from a friend's collection. Each in itself is a wonderfully artistic piece. It amazing how many sketches like these Williamson produced in completing just one EC story. I've always found this striving for perfection in Williamson a real inspiration. Doesn't make hitting a deadline any easier, though.
To see the complete feature on Sandy's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff#7 from TwoMorrows!

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