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Christopher Moeller is a painter, and also writer and creator of the Iron Empires science-fiction graphic novels Faith Conquers and Sheva's War. Unlike most of us comic artists, he has a BFA in painting from the University of Michigan School of art, and an MFA in illustration from Syracuse University. He also works extensively in the gaming industry and has painted many trading cards.

Chris Moeller: Iron Empires: Sheva's War thumbnails
In the same way that I do thumbnails for cover sketches, these are how I approach a page of storytelling. After I've written my script, I begin blocking out the entire book with these little thumbnails. Again, the goal is composition, storytelling, how to organize the page... large issues only. If the script needs to be re-worked because of discoveries I make in the thumbnail stage, this is when it happens.

Chris Moeller: Iron Empires: Sheva's War Finished Art, Page 4
The finished art for this book was done on 11"x17" Bristol board with the panel borders taped off with white graphic tape (probably no longer available, since computers have replaced graphic design "mechanicals"). This stage of the process takes about two days of painting. More for very detailed pages with lots of panels, less for simpler pages.
To see the complete feature on Chris' art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff #12 from TwoMorrows!


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