Rafael Kayanan

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I first met Rafael in the early '80's when he was first breaking into comics, and he's since gone on to become a very successful commercial artist working in films and now on Broadway for the new Spider-Man musical. In comics, he's best known for penciling Firestorm, Turok, and Conan. He's also a master martial artist, so we're all on our best behavior around him.

Rafael: This is called a "Turnaround", which is self-explanatory. The purpose was for Acclaim's style guide that they gave to licensors for ancillary products concerning the TUROK brand. It was inked and then colored digitally. I did turnarounds for all the primary and secondary characters from the comic, plus weaponry design and even a Turok play set! Coincidentally, it was very useful as a reference guide for the TUROK book I was working on as well.

Rafael: This was an unpublished promotional rough for Cross Plains Comics' REH MYTH MAKER. It was to illustrate some of Robert E. Howard's characters posing with the writer. REH's the fellow in the center. I was working out the various figures based on written descriptions from various Robert E. Howard stories. The challenge was trying to convey their personalities with a single static pose.

Rafael: This is a work in progress; an illustration for myself. It shows the looseness of the pencils prior to inking it myself.

Rafael: (Unpublished) SF/Noir based work in progress that I created. This is how loose my pencils are prior to inking it myself. I start with the foreground, outline the heavy darks, apply thick dark strokes, then go in with a thinner pen line for the rest.

Rafael: Tombow Brushpens. Typical Convention sketch.

Marker sketch
Two Morrows will be doing a Sword and Sorcery issue, which contains extensive coverage of Rafael's work in that genre. It is planned for 2008. To see the complete feature on Rafael's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff#8 from TwoMorrows!


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