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Marie Severin's take on Gil for Alter Ego #10
Comics legend Gil Kane (real name Eli Katz, 1926-2000) worked in comics from the 40's right up until his death. I loved his work on Green Lantern, the Atom, Spider-Man and Conan. His achievements are far too numerous to list here, but I should mention that some consider his innovative paperback "Blackmark" to be the first graphic novel, and his daily newspaper comic strip "Star Hawks" was noteworthy for using a wonderful two-tier format. His work was always solid and dynamic and exciting, influencing many of today's top artists.

The sketch on the left was done for me by Gil at a convention back in the early 80's. The one on the right was done for a friend, who had me ink and color it in '82.

The cover rough to Marvel's Adventures Into Fear #26

A rough for a page from Amazing Spider-Man #101 courtesy of Chris Bailey

A rough for Captain Marvel #17 page 19 courtesy of

A rough for Giant Size X-Men #1 courtesy of

The well-inked but garishly colored cover to John Carter #4.

The published cover inked by Tony DeZuniga.


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