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Greg Horn is best known for his work as a cover artist. He paints digitally, and specializes in sexy female heroes. In addition to Marvel, he's also done art for video game magazines and Wizard.

Greg Horn: Here's a sketch I did for a fan who wanted 7 different characters drawn. One of my buddies came up with a great idea to tie all the sketches together as a theme of numbers. So, Elektra has 2 sais, Bat Girl is throwing 3 batarangs, Black Cat has a stolen necklace with 5 gems, etc. Guess which number Black Canary is? Hey, give me a break.... #1 in the numbers theme is always going to be the lamest. I should have had her giving us the finger!

Greg Horn: This rejected sketch is really interesting because it is a good example of me trying to trick my editor in to doing things my way. Of course it didn't work because it is a rejected sketch! Anyway, the final painted cover image was supposed to kick off Wizard magazine's discussion about Marvel Comic's upcoming summer event Secret Invasion. The storyline concerns the fact that some of the heroes we love and trust are not exactly what they seem - they have been replaced by shape-changing, dirty, rotten Skrulls-- and Elektra was the very first one to be uncovered. When Wizard called me up I had not yet heard about the Skrull infiltrators, so when they asked me if I wanted to do a cover with sexy Elektra on it, I said "Heck Yes". Then the other shoe dropped - they said they would need a hybrid form halfway between Elektra and a Skrull. Agggh! I immediately knew this would mean green blotchy skin and a chin with 10 butts on it. Nice! So, with my first sketch I tried my best to trick Wizard's editors into hiding the chin. See how I have it hidden behind her shoulder? See how she is turned away from you with her little sash blowing in the wind? This is supposed to distract you from that chin!!!! But they knew what I was up to and they whipped up a quick thumbnail to steer me away from this sketch. In the end, we went for a straight on shot with her chin prominently featured in all of it's disgusting glory. ...she still looks pretty hot.

Greg Horn: Here's an early sketch of Elektra from 2001. I had just discovered eBay and was wondering what would happen if I threw a sketch up there. It went for about half a mil and I was able to retire to the Bahamas. I'm sipping from a coconut right now!

Greg Horn: MS MARVEL #19 cover. Catfight!! Yeaaaah!!! Rip her top off!!! There's really nothing else to say about this piece is there?
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