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Tim Townsend: Rob has not only influenced an entire generation of artists but has also pioneered a particular style and approach to comic book illustration that has caught on like wildfire. There are those who have been influenced by his work without even realizing it, having been influenced by someone who was influenced by Rob. He is motivated by neither fame nor money. He is, quite simply, driven to draw "cool pictures".

This is a piece I did for Randy and Laura Martin because I heard I might be able to trade them for a copy of the hardcover Authority book she colored. I've probably dragged my feet too long to get a copy of that book, but I haven't finished the Edward Scissorhands picture I did for Randy yet, and I have this stupid idea that I need to send them together. Anyway, this is typically how I work. I started with a doodle of these two lovers fighting back-to-back, and just kept adding chaos from there.

I still go back to this drawing every few years. My finishing style has changed, but I still have a pretty good idea what I was up to when I started this thing on a 7' sheet of butcher-paper.

This is the first of a few Batman/Hellboy pieces I did for Tim Townsend's collection. The reason Batman is holding what looks like a Bat-tampon instead of a Bat-a-rang, is this is actually part one of a two part sequence where he throws it onto the floor like a flash-bang grenade, as he and Hellboy leap toward the camera. I'll have to look for that 2nd drawing sometime, and finish it.
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