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Gene Ha is a Korean-American comic artist perhaps best known for Top 10 and Batman: Fortunate Son. His work on JLA #11 was nominated for an Eisner award in 2007. He pencils, inks & colors like nobody's business. He's got way too much talent for two people, much less one. And he understands linear perspective!

layout rough for The Forty-Niners p.9
Gene Ha: For this page I focused on using ink wash on figures and cars and left the backgrounds to Art and Ellen again. I used my Top 10 co-worker Zander Cannon for young Jetlad and several other characters, and my friend Anna Petosky for the German character Skywitch. When my dad saw the original pages he was disappointed that Skywitch didnÕt look more German. I worried about this, but later a German reader wrote about how authentically German she looked.

Gene Ha: In 1992, after five years of art school I was pretty confident. I felt I was one of the better illustrators in my class and that both Marvel and DC would be eager to hire me. I drew up some samples and sent photocopies off to Marvel. Just in case, I sent some to DC too. This was the tail end of a boom in comics. It had never been easier to get into comics in my lifetime. This is the rejection letter I got back from Marvel. ItÕs a list of typical faults a submission can have, and I earned every checked mark. In fact, I deserved the unchecked one too! Horrible stuff, not nearly as good as my Domino drawing. I laid on the couch for a few days, but a letter from DC arrived and got me off my ass. Neal Pozner at DC saw my samples and liked them. He was a smart guy, so he knew I wasnÕt ready for publication. But he encouraged me and coached me through a sample script. Half a year later I was ready for Green Lantern #36.

To see the complete feature on Gene's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff#11 from TwoMorrows!


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