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Cully Hamner was a new name to me, but since his first work on Green Lantern he's penciled many top books for Marvel, DC and others. He's an original and continuing member of Atlanta's Gaijin Studios, and he's currently working on the Blue Beetle series for DC. To my eyes, his open, clean style is a breath of fresh air from the dark, overly-rendered comics so abundant today.

Inks for Punisher #70 pages 2 & 3
This double-page spread is another example of getting the structure in place in advance, doing all my thinking before doing anything finished.

This is from the first issue of my aborted run on The Authority.

Here's the cover to The Ride: Die Valkyries! #2

Two-page progression from "Big Plans," a story I wrote and drew for 12 Gauge Comics' The Ride. I like to write, and I don't get to do it nearly often enough. It's nice to be able to totally control the storytelling experience once in a while. I had no editor, though I did route my story synopsis through some people whose opinions I trust. (By the way, is it obvious by now that I love to choreograph fights? When I work a fight scene with a writer, my general rule is to do everything I can to give him or her exactly what's written. But my first responsibility is to the story's logic, readability, and interest, so I will deviate from the particulars from time to time as long as I can maintain the intent of the scene and improve upon what's in the script. With this story, though, the middle man didn't exist, so good or bad, it's all mine.)

Step-by-step for a Blue Beetle cover.

The covers on Red were an interesting proposition for me. Since it was a creator-owned book, I had no art director or editor to have to get past; I was on my own, design-wise. The theme of the number 3 had occurred to me: Three letters in the title and three issues. So I had the idea to have every cover use three consecutive images-- like a strip of film, almost (which also nicely dovetailed the kineticism of Warren's story and my approach to it). On top of everything, I used the three colors of a traffic light: The first one was monochromatic red; the second, yellow; the third, green. I had a lot of fun on these covers.

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