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Ron Garney has worked on JLA, Amazing Spider-Man, Civil Wars, Captain America, X-men, Silver Surfer, Hulk and other books. He's a guy who likes to have fun, and it comes through in his art. You can tell he's having fun drawing. But he's also a musician, actor, athlete and painter. I don't know if there's anything he's not good at, but if there is, he's probably working on it!

Ron Garney: heres an unused JLA cover--I scrapped this one because I wanted to pull back and have him looking at the camera from a distance in a snowstorm. It was a tough call, as I like the creepiness of this piece...

Ron Garney: This was my first cover from the " Get Mystique" run I did with Jason Aaron. I went extremely tight for this and loved the results for the digital inking process. On the printed version you can barely tell that it wasn't inked. I like the sensuality of the piece.
Bob McLeod: This is my inked version of Ron's cover, commissioned by Ron Sonenthal, who owns the original art, and I inked it with the aid of a lightbox.

A commission compliments of David Wray

Ron Garney: A page from the first issue of my second Captain America run-- this issue was a favorite of mine because I killed myself with the detail, drawing all of the people, street signs etc in Tokyo. In this story, we're witness to the westernization of Japan as they celebrate Cap with a gigantic float balloon...

Amazing Spider-Man #541 pg.22 pencils

Amazing Spider-Man #529 pg.7 pencils

Ron Garney: I'm a huge fan of negative space around figures. Here Cap fights lady Deathstrike--and the large shot of the figures falling through open space lends itself to the reader feeling the same sense of disorientation... and on this page in particular I used a lot of open space so we could focus on the athleticism of Cap and the ballerina quality of Lady Deathstrike..

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