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Several people have asked me why I haven't shown more of my own prelim art in Rough Stuff magazine. I figured it was enough for me to be writing editorials, articles, interviews, and my Rough Critique every issue. But I decided to share some of my prelim work with you here.Hold your cursor on the images for a couple seconds to see them change.

This was the first appearance (after the splash page) of Rhane Sinclair (Wolfsbane), from the New Mutants graphic novel. The bottom panel wasn't used because this page was combined with the next as the book was changed from a comic into a graphic novel.

This is the first appearance of Danielle Moonstar (Mirage), from the New Mutants graphic novel. The O's on the left and the alphabet below are just me doodling while on the phone.

These are Tom Palmer's inks over my breakdown layout. Hold your
mouse on it and you can see I had drawn Han Solo running after Leia,
but when this issue came out, Han was on an adventure elsewhere,
so the editor had Tom redraw Han into Luke!

A page from my tenure on Action Comics. I mostly read Superman comics as a kid, so it was a kick to get to pencil him for a couple years. Superman went back in time and didn't bother to shave, and had a black costume for some reason I forget. This page was an homage to Al Williamson's EC stuff. It's all #3 Windsor-Newton brush.

Here's a page of my pencils and inks (hold cursor on it) from a Phantom job for the Swedish publisher Egmont. These jobs were always drawn from a full script, with an average of seven panels per page, and often a lot of reference needed.

This is from the first Phantom I did. The gorillas are statues that come alive.

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