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Jeremy Dale is has been working in comics for a few years now, and has also illustrated children's books and designed company mascots and logos, as well as his own website design. I met him at Heroes Con and was very impressed so I asked him to contribute to Rough Stuff.

Jeremy Dale: As with all of my pages on Joe, I did thumbnails on your standard printer paper for the whole issue to get approval from Hasbro then printed it out at A3 size and transferred them to the final pencils with my lightbox. It keeps my pages pretty clean and I can still maintain a fairly good speed putting these out. I ended up penciling tighter on G.I. Joe since I knew going in that there wouldn't be an inker involved.

PrePro Jeremy Dale

Here's some art Jemermy did before becoming a professional comic book artist:

Jeremy Dale: In college, I did three years' worth of comic strips for the school paper. My 'Thinking Hurts' work isn't actually that bad, and I was really influenced by seeing the college work by Jeff Smith, Frank Cho, and others that I'd stumbled across. This is a piece pre-letters that I did for the beginning of its third year. I kinda miss doing that, actually...

Jeremy Dale: I was in high school in the mid-to-late 90's, so comics were still pretty popular around that time. For some reason it dawned on me to draw my own cartoonish comic book called Thin Cage about a sarcastic stickman satirizing the comic industry and pop culture (think Howard the Duck) around that time, print off copies on a photocopier, and sell to friends at school. I made a pretty good profit, too - I did 7 issues and a Series Sourcebook before I hit college and had no time to work on it any longer.

Jeremy Dale: Right out of college, a book publisher with ties to my alma mater contacted me to illustrate some children's books for them, starting with "Brian's All-Star Day". I LOVED working on that, all the while working on my comic book sequential skills and studying on how to be an artist professionally. I was really lucky to get this gig - it taught me a lot about professionalism and how to get the job done well and on time.
To see the complete feature on Dale's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff #12 from TwoMorrows!


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