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Finished pencils, later inked by Ernie Chan. This is about as finished as Buscema's
pencils usually got, and no decent inker would want it any tighter. I think Ernie
was a good choice for this series. I've seen the pencil art on many pages before
and after Ernie's inks and he really added a lot, especially in the backgrounds.
His style is somewhat crude, but it fits the genre well.

Bill Sienkiewicz inks for the second Galactus cover.

Some sketches from the backs of pages.

More sketches from the backs of pages.

Alfredo Alcala's inks from Tarzan #9 p17.
Compare them with Buscema's pencil rough in Rough Stuff #3

Buscema's inked version. Compare it with his pencil version in Rough Stuff #3.
I know Buscema was reluctant to take on Tarzan because he didn't want to compete with his idol, Hal Foster, not to mention Joe Kubert, but I think this shows that
John's Tarzan was totally his own and equal to anyone's.

Buscema's inked version. Compare it with the rough and pencil versions in Rough Stuff #3. The inked version of the languorous La of Opar
was published in Marvel Comics' Tarzan #3 (August, 1977). Buscema's figures of both sexes always had some meat on their bones, and his
women always looked like they would be all you could handle. He didn't exaggerate their attributes, he just made them solid.

This is my version, inked from a lightbox from the rough sketch, and with some elements of the finished pencils. I was commissioned to ink it
by the owner or the sketch, Brad Burch. He requested certain additions and changes to Buscema's drawing, such as more beast-men and more detail
to the background, and the raised arch. I added color because I thought it would be dramatic to light it from the torch, and would add a lot of mood.
I inked it all in brush in tribute to Buscema, who always inked in brush.

I originally photocopied this off of the back of a Conan page when I was working in the production department at Marvel. John had put all this work into this figure just for the pleasure of drawing him. It's fairly common knowledge that Buscema often drew sketches on the backs of his pages to "warm up" before drawing a page. Imagine my surprise when the inked pages came back to the office and I discovered that inker Ernie Chan had inked this figure also just for fun!

This is a panel from Conan #45, which was inked beautifully by Neal Adams. Hold your cursor on it to see Neal's inks.
To see the complete feature on Big John's art, with many more images and comments, get a copy of Rough Stuff#3 from TwoMorrows!


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