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I have been a comic book artist for over 40 years. I am best known for co-creating and providing art for the Marvel X-Men spin-off The New Mutants, now in pre-production as a major motion picture. I began my career penciling and inking for Marvel's Crazy magazine, doing several movie satires and the Teen Hulk strip. I then went on to become a top inker at Marvel and DC on many series, including The Incredible Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, The Legion of Super Heroes, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, and The New Titans, as well as penciling Star Wars and several Spider-Man issues for Marvel and Superman in Action Comics for DC Comics. I also illustrated several issues of The Phantom comic book for the Swedish publisher Egmont.

In addition to my work in comics, I've done many commercial art projects. In 1994, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC in conjunction with Marvel Comics had an exhibit on spiders (which then travelled around the country). Several Marvel artists were asked to submit samples and a bid for the assignment of drawing about a dozen cartoon spiders for the exhibit. I don't know if I did the best samples, or just gave the lowest bid, but I got the job! In 2006, I wrote and illustrated a children's book, Superhero ABC, which was published by HarperCollins and received starred reviews from School Library Journal and ABA Booklist. I taught art at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster, PA for several years, and also edited Rough Stuff magazine for Twomorrows publications.