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Silly and zany, and armed with the most unusual skills, these heroes are out to save the world one letter at a time! Bubble-Man blows big bubbles at bullies, and Laughing Lass Laughs at Lawbreakers! Together, these one-of-a-kind defenders represent the ABC’s in a way never seen before.
Each of these larger than life characters jumps off the oversized pages and into young children’s hearts. Even as preschoolers, kids are drawn to superheroes and the powers that make them irresistible. Now, SuperHero ABC makes learning the alphabet a snap by combining it with the magical thrill of comic book action. These are no ordinary superheroes, they’re people you always wished lived in your neighborhood. From the “Odor Officer” who obviously objects to offensive odors to “Night-Man”—noises at night never make him nervous—the colorful and kooky characters are the perfect introduction to a child’s literacy.

SuperHero ABC by Bob McLeod
ISBN 0-06-074514-2 $16.99, Ages 3 & up

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Bubble Man

Laughing Lass

The Volcano

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Booklist (starred review):
"In this ABC book turbocharged with fun for both new and capable readers, McLeod lines up a roster of superheroes kids won't find in existing cartoons or comic books: Astro-Man, "Always Alert for An Alien Attack" despite his asthma; Goo Girl, whose weapon of choice is Great Gobs of Goo; and Odor Officer, monitor of playground farts. McLeod, who has decades of experience drawing for major comics from Marvel and others, has chosen a theme that is well suited to the ABC format, as each entry’s alliterative annotation seems entirely in keeping with the genre’s usual predilection for stylized, faintly hokey text. Also borrowed straight from comics are the onomatopoeic outbursts ("GAA!" "QUUF!") and the skintight (though never overtly revealing) leotards worn by guys and gals alike. McLeod’s adherence to such conventions is precisely what will draw comic-book fans, who will pore over the slick, dynamic compositions on oversize pages, and will savor the occassional, sly references to familiar characters. This book’s superpower? It will dazzle reluctant readers and disappear right off the shelves."

School Library Journal "Book of the Week 1/29-2/5/06" "One of the best books of 2006" (starred review) :
"An alphabet’s worth of superheroes, from Astro-Man to the Zinger. There’s strong appeal here for the youngest comic-book fans, with many doses of humor along the way. Each figure has special powers, of course, which readers learn about through alliterative captions and action-packed illustrations. Danger Man, for instance "Does Daring Deeds Every Day." A spread shows how "He Duels with Dragons" against a futuristic landscape filled with bright greens, reds, and pinks. The added information that "He Doesn’t Have a Dog!" contributes to the lighthearted tone while extending the alliteration, which effectively emphasizes letter sounds. Many of the characters possess traditionally heroic powers, like Ms. Incredible’s ability to become "Invisible In an Instant." Others are sillier, such as Laughing Lass and Upside Down Man (who "wears his Uniform Under His Underwear"), while the Odor Officer and the Volcano (he "Vomits on Villains") add just the right touch of grossness. There are several females in the bunch, along with one child (Sky-Boy), one animal (Power Pup), and two teens (The Tiny Teen and Tony Terrific, who are Twins). The cartoon illustrations show the figures in action with bold colors, word balloons, and block letters in an attractive comic-book style. Imaginative readers might be inspired to imagine their own alphabetical creations to add to the ranks of Goo Girl, Huge Man, and Multiplying Mike".

Kirkus Reviews:
"Veteran comic-book artist McLeod presents an alphabetical gallery of newly minted superheroes. A can-do crew of hunky men and buxum women (plus the occassional animal or alien) properly decked out in loudly colored, form fitting spandex, these crime fighters bring a range of outrageousabilities to their work. This frothy mix of laughs, giggles and expertly drawn, melodramatically posed Good Guys zeroes in on its target audience with superhuman accuracy and action."

Publishers Weekly:
"McLeod translates his adult comic book renderings for the preschool crowd in this cleverly conceived ABC. Drawn in vivid bright colors that capture the eye, his heroes practically leap from the pages. He represents each letter of the alphabet with an original superhero who saves the day by committing heroic acts that begin with...what else?...that very letter. One character is more inventive that the next. McLeod is not only a master at creating entertaining figures, but also at introducing youngsters to vocabulary words that go beyond the average spelling list, and with phrases ideal for introducing alliteration. In a single bound, McLeod is sure to gain a new generation of comic book fans, and may well entertain his lifelong followers as they introduce their offspring to this clever primer."more...

Children’s Book of the Month Club:
"Who says you can’t save the world one letter at a time? This fun romp through an alphabet of superheroes will delight children of all ages. With full-color, comic-book style illustrations and hip text, the ABCs are reinforced in a way in which your young reader will identify!"

Kaylee, CBOTMC Editor-in-Chief:
"It’s Amazing! It’s Beautiful! It’s Cool! It’s definitely a book your little superheroes or superheroines will love. And it teaches the alphabet, too! It’s Wonderful! It’s eXcellent!"

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books:
"The style is comic book all the way, with brassy bright colors, humorous captioned asides (some in speech bubbles), and superheroes in the foreground on every page. Without a whisper of pastel or speck of white space in sight, full-bleed spreads in commanding colors heighten the drama of the brief text and create over-the-top visual feasts of letters, bold shading, and, at the center of the action, a host of unique drawn characters. Listeners are likely to clamor for all twenty-six to be read again, and they will pore over the illustrations long after adults have tired of reading about superhuman vomit powers. McLeod has created a brash and engaging alphabet book whose characters embody the right mix of reassurance, goofiness, and humor that any good preschool superhero should have."more...

Horn Book Magazine:
"P might as well stand for the page-popping, large-scale Pictures that distinguish this ABC. These more than twenty-six superheroes include both genders and a host of species, imagined and otherwise, alike only in their desire to do good in alphabetical order. The drawing is expert, the page design is dynamic, the colors are attractively lurid, and the humor is deliberately, delightfully dumb."

Chicago Sun-Times:
"This large book features boldly colored comic-book figures sporting the latest in superhero fashion, gaily flying, jumping or marching across the pages. Awesome alliteration abounds as each character is deftly described. Conversation and thought bubbles round out the stunning graphics. Although this book is aimed at the youngest readers, their older brothers and sisters will snatch it away to savor for themselves. It's a sure hit and one that will fast become a favorite."more...

Children's Literature:
"Each page is vibrantly full-color, with an original superhero showing off his or her skills. The humor is just right for little kids, including a fart joke--who doesn't appreciate a good fart joke? Even if young readers aren't familiar with the superhero genre, the illustrations are exciting and it is fun to read out loud with an over-the-top announcer's voice. The illustrations have an authentic feel, and the heroes come in a variety of skin colors, including red fuzz. This title is a refreshing but still educational change from "A is for apple, B is for ball," and kids will pick up on the reader's enthusiasm."

Ingram Library Services:
"If ever there was an ABC book guaranteed to enthrall today's cartooncentric generation, this is it. The reader is introduced to 26 superheroes that are a feast for the eyes and a boon for the vocabulary. It's amazing how many different ways McLeod finds to say "fights bad guys," and the eye-popping palette will thrill comic book fans."

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